Reviews for "Chisel"

very fun reminds me of smg2

reminds me of super mario galaxy 2 with the drill power up and u could drill through planets lol cool game very fun and entertaining

Haha awesome.

So addicting!

OK Game

I don't like it very much, I only like that when you die it says "You Fail"!
But if it wasn't so repetetive I would definetly like it like maybe if you didn't just press space space space space space space. I would like it. In my opinoin the second one is alot beter because you do more than just press space space space and you can jump up to avoid evil stupid things. OK so website that makes this bad job on number 1. overall good jump on number 2. keep working to make the 3rd better than numer 2 and1 combined! also maybe a different charester cause the same wierd thing with a drill on its head is get old. some weapons wold be nice also, like a gun on some levels and I think upgrades would be frickin awesome.
Upgrade list

Faster dig time
Sharper piont
As I said before weapons
You probaly get the idea
The thing I hate the most about this game is the charecters because there so cheesey and dumb.
Space space space space!
I was going to give it a four but I want to get it submited so I'll put 6.
just so you know I wanto give it a 4

Good luck,



This game is so cute! even the monsters! I love it!

Very creative!

But with a few flaws in execution. The art style of this one, like all nitrome games, has a very cute and fun aesthetic, animations are great, and overall a very fun look.

However, when you're trying to kill little bots on the opposite side of the planets, the delay of the drilling is so long that you often end up landing right on top of them and dying, even if you're just the slightest bit off. To say the least, that was a bit frustrating. I still can't beat level 16 because of this :P

However as some other people have been saying, it gets a little repetitive after a while.

Overall a fun time-killer though. Great work!