Reviews for "Chisel"

love it

pretty simple but fun game and i also love the choice of music


This. Is. Addicting!


...but not for long.Didn't find any levels really difficult.Like the typically nitrone style,good as always.

It's a good thing there are no lives.

The last level, drove me NUTS. It was insanely hard. If there were lives, I would lose them all right away on that last level. Anyway, this was a well made game and I will try the next one out as well as some of your other games. Very fun (except the last level) and cute. The person right below me hpimpk, I have no idea what you're talking about. You aren't using the review space for the game. I say that whoever spams on NG is a n00b. Well, Nitrome, rock on!


How come you guys put games up so late? this game was up on Nitromes site months ago.