Reviews for "Chisel"


it was okay

pretty fun!

Every time i dig really deep undergound and hit a monster on the other side i can picture the drill-robot saying "SHURIYUKEN!!!!! >:O" XD


level 16 is just ridiculous

Original and extensively creative

This deserves an 8. Although it is just a person digging, it is kind of fun, and it is really both original and creative.
You could make it like a puzzle game to make it more interesting (i.e. give it a twist) or could make it so the gravity is a little different or something, anything! That would make it a great idea.
Well, you tried, and it didn't come out waay bad.

master of pixle.

Hello my sixth review I've had a lot of exp with what you create not simple pixle no far more than that but a master of all games to define the rest!You have been around Newgrounds for a long time and i adore your website your the most creative person when it comes to these things and every game you submit is kissed by a angle so when anybody comes to this site I'll try my best to inform them of the awsome power you give to these things.

my sixth review,
p.s.Sorry if I was to strong in the review I'm just a fan of pixle games.