Reviews for "Chisel"

Is everyone on crack?

This game is the best thing since sex. I played this for like 2 hours, then passed out because of the sheer AWESOMENESS of it.

nice idea

i have to say this is a pretty good idea for a game. its pretty simple and easy to just jump right into. the only problem is that it just gets kinda boring after a short time. its a little too easy and doesnt really offer a lot to keep your attention, mostly because its repetitive. the only way to really make it better would be to make it more difficult and to maybe make different levels that have different goals. that being said this was still a somewhat entertaining game.


no offense, but this game was kinda of boring. very repititve, and not much of a challange. i didnt like the fact that you couldnt jump or turn while digging. but other than that it was ok


o...kay game, gets very repetitive though, no rewards for gaining levels or any kind of upgrade system, I'LL GIVE IT 5 HAIRY PENISES OUT OF 10...

Fun at first

The game started out good but lost intrest around level 13 or so. Its an ok idea but the gems seemed a bit cliche as well. Also i only gave it a 7 because many of the levels could have been more challenging and more to it then just digging