Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"


I got all the ugrades the medals in the game but it doesent show some of them


the fact that I completed a pic of of an elephant makes me smile...

and the game was fine as well, lol

Loved it :)

jaw dropping exp

77 lasers 8 magnets 2 boost mods 3 foil mods 2 lightning module and a laser light show of lagtastic awesome ness simply amazing eat muh lasuh!(s) lol


Uppgrade your abilety to upgrade upgrades for the sake of upgrades... upgrade.
I realy enjoyed this game... how ever. During the part where you upgrade your ship it's realy hard to move things around after you have already placed them becouse of the incredible lagg, tho it could just be my computer (using a laptop atm). I love games who have an upgrade system whetere they are rpg's (tho if there are no upgrades in rpg's it's not a rpg), stratergy games, tower defence etc. so when the game is nothing but upgrades it is pure awsome.

This game is missing something

An upgrade for the screamer!