Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

I upgraded what was available with the money that was available, and then I press exit to see a screen with green dots and a red dot. I have no clue what to do there. Not much gameplay.

i played this game years ago and the jump scare literally made me slap my laptop off my desk, breaking it completely.

The game seems to be broken. All that appears is a speech bubble, saying "Yeah, like whatever you say dahhlin. Leave us men to speak and get out". Below it is what appears to be a medal: "New Medal! New medal New medal".

Would have loved to replay this great game, but for some reason, it just doesn't want to load/work...

Game does not run, I guess? Screen says, "Yeah like whatever you say Dahhlin. Leave us men to speak and get out" (also: new medal new medal new medal)
There does not seem to be a way to advance the text.

not enough upgrades.