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Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

Played this again and PAID for the PREMIUM CONTENT.


dfsk sdfj ut dofkfr df,s naudaw! dkfj du jwd diof sksk!

[Upgrade English] - $50

d00d th15 g4m3 15 4w3s0m3!

[Upgrade English] - $300

This game is pretty damn badass! Keep up the good work!

[Buy 5 Stars] - Priceless

i dont like this game!

upgrade review for 100$


The-EXP responds:

DUDE YOU ROCK! [Review response Lvl 2]

A great game for a quick play. I can't wait to see if another comes out... Maybe with more upgrades? Or perhaps with more great voice acting. I love this game it is really fun. Please give me more of this upgrade inspired entertainment.

Great game with a cool concept and crisp sarcasm. You lose half a star for broken medals though.


The-EXP responds:

I specifically decided that you didn't deserve the medals. I took an entire star off you for it as well.