Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

I love this game and 2 i love that the medals is a elephant

Exelent game! Every upgrade is good, just like the first game.
The only thing I didn't like is CRAZY amount of lag because, even if I had better computer, that lag would still make game less playable than it should be.

This is one of the greatest games I've ever played, every single upgrade was awesome, yes, heartrate one included. Also, I can't help but notice, right after the jumpscare, I had 666 coins. There are too many coincidences in my life.

The-EXP responds:

Haha! Maybe I set your coins to that on purpose! Nah, you're just really lucky (or unlucky!)

Thanks for the jumpscare, asshole.
It was fun, by the way.

The-EXP responds:

Thanks for the halfstar, asshole.
It was bum, by the way.

Great game, loved each one except the one the heart rate one. I was a headphone user, and now I'm a headphone user with trust issues.

The-EXP responds: