Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

i loved the game and i upgraded everything but i dont have all the medals for this any one else having this problem?

Overall a great game, it's fun to play, but it really is just a bunch of jokes and lacks real gameplay.
I gotta complain about the menu that even in the last state was clunky, and not even that pretty.
Another faulty thing about the game is the amount you earn per coin. It does make sense that the value falls over time, but it rewards the player for being lazy and not overpowering the ship in early game. I would rather see them give more credits over time, so you get rewarding for finishing the enemies off quickly. That would also move focus a little over on the ships upgrades, because a getting a bigger ship would actually be worth it (in early game at least).
I would have love a final upgrade that makes everything fit together better.

god damn it


Just the presence of the sacred white elep-THE CAKE IS A LIE NOM NOM NOM YOU BIT ME YOU ASSHAT- hant is enough to reassure me. keep up the good work boys. surely there is a thrid part coming??? I CRAVE MOARRR.

This game is missing something

An upgrade for the screamer!

Loved The Game

Loved the conversation over a sheep to be exact a picture of a sheep.