Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

10/10 for the premium content alone

omg!!! that was the best game ever....so many upgrades i couldnt upgrade my bowels to go bathroom lol loved it!!! but for some reason missed few achievments idk how

Haha the "Heart rate" upgrade is evil, even Mojo Jojo agrees. It's funny to upgrade everything, made my RPG roots twinkle.

Played the game like years ago, just finished it again, I mean upgraded it again, I mean I upgraded all upgrades in the game. I mean...

Please upgrade my review: $1

The-EXP responds:

I'm upgrading your review by responding. Best review I've ever read EVER.

Fun game. Too easy with just laser modules and magnets, though.

I love this game and 2 i love that the medals is a elephant