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Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

i forgot about the heart rate increase upgrade , never again

What a great game.

I was goinng to give it zero stars since it's pay to win AND pay to play.
As a kid i couldn't play the game because I had no money. but now I can!

This game is the definitiob of freemiun, anarcho capitalism, mobile game prediction made movie made game made book made video made show made game made in china made game.
The game was ok until i payed enough millions of dollars to get premium content. I payed so much I made the exclusive content into inclusive content and let me tell you: The game shined.

Great full priced release of this ting, game, indie game, AAA game.

TL;DR or (I just want to have a shinier wistle): The game is good, fun and almost killed me.

The-EXP responds:

I hear theres gold in those f2p hills.

*Upgrading intensified*

to linkbroninja: don't you mean an upgrade?

A Great Improvement from the last game