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Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

Hell yeah!

Finally back to some more upgrading :D

i dont play

i dont need to play tis game to now this is great

The most anticipated game on Newgrounds

Well, for me anyways. Full review!
Gameplay: Amazing game play! Not as great as the first one, but still pretty freaking awesome. I didn't like the auto-shoot and I wanted to be able to upgrade the graphics like in the first one. Other than that, it was amazing!
Overall gameplay: 9.9/10
Graphics: The graphics were upgradetastic! See what I did there? The graphics were good, just wish it was like the first one where they were poor and you had to upgrade them. But they were good and I liked them! Especially the 3D mode!
Overall Graphics: 10/10
Music/Audio: The music was good, and the sound effects were good I guess, haha. The voice acting was kind of funny through out the game. I didn't really listen to the music very much, but when I did I enjoyed the company! Haha.
Overall Music/Audio: 9.8/10
Lasting Appeal: It beat this game without ever getting bored. That's all I need to say.
Overall Lasting Appeal: 10/10
Overall Gameplay: The overall gameplay was awesome! But if there's a 3rd one, make it even more upgradeific! That's about it, keep up the good work! Move Upgrade Complete onto iPod Touch!

Good Game

Fuck your screamer man, I had my headphones on my head when that shit poped out and it was all dark in the room. I wanted to give you 10/10 but because of that I'll give you 7/10.

Okay, i'll say it.

I don't like how some people call this game a "timewaster". It's not as simple as your usual "timewaster", i've noticed it has a lot of hours of work behind it and was given a lot of thought.

The concept is really simple, but it proves itself to be even more complex that one could glance by playing it for less than an hour. I liked the first version, and i love this one! Good work, really.