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Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"


make a nother one

much upgrade , much medals

any question?

This was the dumbest game I've ever played.

But I think you've expressed a valid truth about Video-Games.

-Waste of Time yet Highly Addictive
-You start just so you can end it! So why play at all? Because you WANT TO.
-Game Endings? Completely meaningless.

Anyone who's ever experienced VideoGame OCD might get a huge slap in the face of reality after playing this game.


It is the upgradiest game evr upgrd 4 splln chk

(insert subject here)

I say, a wonderful sequel to an already great game! Absoulutely splendid. On a side note, is anyone else more fond of the earlier male avatars (didn't see earlier female avatars, didn't buy gender switch) than the last two?