Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

More of the same is good.

Egoraptor was a great addition as well, and each upgrade was more annoyingly insignificant yet important. I mean, scroll speed, jeez. And when I came across the 'heart rate' upgrade I turned down my speakers. Yeah, I've been on this site long enough, you ain't fooling me.

Great job.


Wonderful game! I love the super extreme approach to simple upgrades.

The 'scary face' got me pretty good. =P

Beat it in a night!

Who knew upgrading could be so fun! Thank you for entertaining my boring night! XD

I like it?

I like this game even though I don't know why. It's simple and kinda easy too which is good for a flash game. Only thing though is that I beat the game 100% and am still missing 2 medals for upgrades I obviously have.

Just dont get it...

I guess its sorta cool, but i dont find this fun at all... dont get me wrong, the concept is interesting and funny, but once you get past that i dont really see anything i like.