Reviews for "Upgrade Complete 2"

Was Awesome!

I lol'd at the Final Fantasy 8 quotes in the background with Indie mode on.

Very Addicting

Couple of faulty medals, though. Might want to look into them.

u003, u008, u009, u010, u011, u013, u019, u024, u026, u028, u067, u074, u079.

Otherwise, an excellent game. Guaranteed to not let you stop playing until you achieve 100% completion (including in-game Medals). A perfect game for all those Obsessive Compulsive folks out there. c;

Great job on this game! Hope to see more. c:


The game starts out a little slow but when you start upgrading you just can't stop! And the game play gets much better after a while. By the way I love the premium upgrade!

More of the same is good.

Egoraptor was a great addition as well, and each upgrade was more annoyingly insignificant yet important. I mean, scroll speed, jeez. And when I came across the 'heart rate' upgrade I turned down my speakers. Yeah, I've been on this site long enough, you ain't fooling me.

Great job.


Wonderful game! I love the super extreme approach to simple upgrades.

The 'scary face' got me pretty good. =P