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Best game i ever played and i spend 10000 $ only for a sheep .-. funny xD

FUUUUCk. I love this game, but I got the scare feature! But the game is great, still that scare...


After playing the game to completion and reading most of the preceding comments, I have decided what I feel this should be ranked.

I rank it a 5. And here's why.

First, id like to say that this is an incredible sequel. It lives up to its predecessors demands in every way, and manages to surpass it in overall fun. The concepts (Such as Upgrading and Ship Building) stayed true to the original, while still adding more detail to give a new spark, making it worthy of its "sequel" title.

Second topic of discussion is the game-play. Also true to the original, this game allows the user to move around and shoot enemies. Some new features that really enhanced the game were the ability to control lasers with the mouse, the space bar bomb, the horizontal AND vertical movement, and how you gain more coins from an enemy the closer you are to them when you receive the coin. These factors contribute to giving the player a nostalgic glimpse into the first game, while giving them new options and combat capabilities to endorse the "Sequel-ness" of this game.

The third topic is in the upgrades themselves. The upgrades brought back some familiar faces with the classic upgrades that enhanced the title screen and such. The BPM jump-scare was definitely a new and laugh-worthy addition to the upgrade panel, and the in-game upgrades were quite laugh-worthy as well. Not to mention the Premium Content (Its baby lamb, they're different guys. Come on. #BabyLambsHaveRightsToo). Some argue that the upgrades are pointless and are not worth the time it takes to get them. But that's exactly what the game is about. The game isn't designed to test your skill (seeing as how easy the game is to beat), instead, it is designed to "Kill Time". Some would argue that saying this does the game a huge injustice, however, i think that this does it justice enough. The game was meant to allow a person to pass the time while still having fun. In my opinion, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Or should I say, UPGRADE COMPLETED.

Aside from those three main viewpoints, there still lies the audio/voice acting, colors anf graphics, and the "Final Boss".

The audio was slightly lacking and, although it is later removed as long as you upgrade it, the humming managed to burn through my frontal lobe. The voice acting was fairly well done, with a few slip-ups here and there. But that is to be expected in a game.

The constantly changing colors are incredibly important to games and how gamers interpret them. Most PC flash games stick to a designate color scheme, which can be boring to look at after a while. But through upgrading, the gamer is given new colors and textures up until the end, which i find to be an important factor. The graphics in this game were also good, but a little rough around the edges. The graphics could stand to be sharper and bring more of an obvious outline to the items. but thats just a personal preference.

A somewhat disappointing factor was the "Final Boss". Although it was new and definitely added more to the second game, it seemed rather pointless and un-challenging. The first games Round 20 was about as much of a challenge. Which hurts even me, because i enjoy how games progress in difficulty as the series moves along. But it gave me a Halo 4 vibe (yes, I know this came out before Halo 4). It was built up in four seconds without any warning, and it immediately let me down. With more work, that boss battle could've been phenomenal. It just needed a nudge more to the creative side.

Overall, this game was fun, interesting, well coordinated, and definitely worthy of its "sequel" title. If anyone disagrees and wants to talk, ill get to you when i get to you (likely never). So a big 5 stars for you. I'm off to play the 3rd one.

Keep being radical!


The-EXP responds:

Nice review, thanks :) I'll give it a... 5 rank. Would read again.

Money well spent on that premium content.