Reviews for ""Heart Broke""

Jesus christ!

Like if Evil Dead had a baby with a romance movie!


well... that was interesting. Great claymation and gore btw, very strange but was fun to watch. I think. 10/10!

I don't or if this is sad or funny

Well I think this is hilarious. I love that he and the other guy are dying while the girl is just sitting there.


Excellent claymation and gore! Seems like something you'd see on television in the 80's and 90's. It wasn't all that depressing, though (fortunately). In fact, it got funnier as it advanced. The character interactions were humorously done! Probably the best claymation flash I've seen on here. It was a fun watch!


Haha that was just great. I love your sense of humor. This is as goofy as watching Monty Python. Nice effects and smooth animations. Congrats on the featuring, you truely deserved it!


TheSJproduction responds:

Thanks, it is so much fun seeing you review my stuff, and yes, this being featured was really random, and a surprise. I'm looking forward for more stuff here on NG