Reviews for ""Heart Broke""

Super cool very good bizarre GOREEEEEEEEEE \,,,/

How strange

Well, this was easily one of the most messed up flashes I've seen in a long time. Normally, when I see violence like that, I expect something funny to go with it. Then again, maybe dark humor wasn't the way for this. It was basically just clay people chopping themselves up and each other. I guess it really did show you how bad it was to be dumped. It's amazing how disgusting the human body can be when it's mutilated.

I mean, it was certainly unpredictable. I was in no way thinking he was going to cut the lower half of his jaw off or anything. The rat was a really weird thing too. I guess that if you're into truly disgusting and bizarre stuff, check this out. I guess I was hoping it would have more of a plot. I am glad this was put under "Experimental" as it doesn't really fit anywhere else.


Haha that was just great. I love your sense of humor. This is as goofy as watching Monty Python. Nice effects and smooth animations. Congrats on the featuring, you truely deserved it!


TheSJproduction responds:

Thanks, it is so much fun seeing you review my stuff, and yes, this being featured was really random, and a surprise. I'm looking forward for more stuff here on NG

Very well done

I must say, if that's how you react to heartbreak then... well, I'd suggest getting help but I think after you find out you react like that it becomes a moot point.

Nicely done.

Dark inside

You Just describe how I feel inside. My biggest fear: lose my Girlfriend and how I would react if I lose her... It's Like salt in wounds but I love this.