Reviews for ""Heart Broke""

Very Great!

I mean.. the gore.
It had me lol'ing the whole time. Great job man.


You got some serious problems O-o.

Good job!

The amount of detail that was put into this was awesome! For claymation it has an excellent FPS and very good attention to the little things! Great work!

really nice

really looked like utter nonsensical gore at sometimes... but the animation was good. i understand well how hard it is to this. i like how the blood never moved off of his chest. looked like you did some great steady work.

Dicey Without Much Slicey

Claymation was very well done - I didn't really laugh at the sketch though.
Gave it a 6 because I could see how much work went into this and the blood effects were actually well done but I didn't care much for the actual plot.