Reviews for ""Heart Broke""


this made me laugh harder then the latest leo and satan episode

I...will never be the same again...

Until I get over what I just saw.
That was the most depressing thing I've seen this year.
It was good with detail and stuff, but...I just wanted to kill myself after that.
The thing is, it wasn't gory, just surreal.

um ok?

I'm always for a clay animation but this was just a waste of time. No real music at least what was there sucked, and really just seemed to random. I love a good gory claymation but this just was unpleasant to watch.


So much gore jeez! it was great tho, fluid and kept me interested. Although I have to say, if you worked on the background it would have made the whole animation a lot better! Keep it up! :)


Aw mig arm... Uh! Aw my RAT!! Uh! Aw my Forehead!! UHH!! AW MY FREAKING MOUTH!