Reviews for ""Heart Broke""


Way too violent, you can exaggerate but that was way too much, only reason i am scoring this atall is because Claymation is very hard too do

Hear me out!

This is bad. It doesn't even qualify as experimental, because there is clear story here. It's more developmental. But That's not why it is bad. It is bad because the violence is not justified, and it a little too much. You animated this very well, but It is not good because you go a little over board and do things that don't make sense. I'm sorry, but keep making more animations but try a little less violence. I hope this review is helpful.

More people

I bet you could be able to get more motion at one time if you had a buddy or someone to help animate the other objects. Just noticed that things moved one at a time and that struck me as a solo project thingy.


I don't understand why people are rating this so low, it's awesome work. Claymation takes some serious patience, and this is really great work. With the right mind set this claymation is some what comical, I can't wait to see more of your stuff.


so more logic cant be .....