Reviews for ""Heart Broke""

wow, intense

i guess that you'd take some hours, or even days, making this movie. the motion of the characters are great, maybe not their faces, but i know that doing this its not easy
about the story, it's really gore, dude. i give a 6.

claymation...WITH FACES?!!!!!!

insta 10

kinda disturbing

i gave it a 7 because its funny in a way and its to emotional why would he do that over a girl and which girl dumps a guy in the same room her new boy friend is in and there watching sticking up the middle finger LOL that was funny tho nice job

Laughed out loud

I've been working for Aardman for the last 5 months on their next family-friendly film, so this is by far the most graphic stop-motion work I've seen in ages. The timing was great and the grotesque violence somehow manages to be hilarious, so good work!


HAHAHA THIS WAS EPIC laughing so hard there is tears lol this is win great job lol hahaha