Reviews for ""Heart Broke""


that was cheap and taken from the other side... its funy


I don't even know why some people are hating on this!

"The violence isn't justified."

That's like saying Barney the Dinosaur's happiness isn't justified! In fact, the guy's violence in this claymation is more justified than Barney's happiness! His girlfriend, who he's assumingly known and loved for a long period of time, has just dumped him for some jerkass. I mean, maybe he's got some mental issues or whatever, maybe his dumping was enough to bring him out of a stable state of mind, but whatever, he was still a pretty lonely guy who finally found love, only to get dumped for a jerkass. I would also feel like doing the things this guy is doing in this video (which are too gruesome to mention).

Haven't you heard at least ONE story in which a girl dumps a guy and the uy gets all psycho over the girl?


Claymation is pretty rare and even when approached, it's usually shit, but this is top notch! The movements were pretty realistic and they had faces O.O. The puking and bleeding wasn't my cup of tea, but the flow was smooth. I can't even imagine how you managed to do all this. Thanks for keeping claymation alive!

Well done!

HAHAHA!! SMACK! "..I don't love you anymore!" Classic!
Oh man this is gold. Last time i got my heart broken, I chopped off my mouth too.

Very nicely constructed. 10/10 5/5

So cool...

this was so funny man!!!good job...ah ah...