Reviews for ""Heart Broke""

Great, i kinda like it

I know its hard to make this video, so its awesome and cool

The T rate is kind of wrong but...

The movement of the puppets was extremely continuous like if it was real. That and the gore things were awesome. The only thing I would blame this is the plot, not too very well thought.


I expected to see something sad and sentimental....but no, I saw a dude eating a rat. Very wtf, very good :D


This is just ridiculously brutal and gorey but for some reason had me laughing at how extreme it got.

by the end the entire scene around the broken hearted guy was just blood and guts and him stabbing and slicing vigorously

even if this hadnt had the messy gore and koolaid i would have still given you a 10/10 because stop motion animation is a bitch to do

good job


Good animation, VERY over the top and definitely not "Teen". Calm it down a little. Also, poor rat D: