Reviews for ""Heart Broke""

Woah thats some hardcore clay work bro!

Seriously knew it was going to be messed up when he ate that rat!

Best part when he was like "wtf rock in my head" and puked up his heart.

Also the jaw looked pretty realistic.

Props man and haters gotta hate!

Mixed feelings...

The animation was very fluid and very nice, except it was twisted and sick.

Haters will hate


TheSJproduction responds:

Thanks, glad you can check it out

Emo Emo Emo....

Well, this goes over the top and under it at the same time! I thought there would be a plot with this "Heart Broke" considering it included one voice sample, but it's just an overblown showcase of someone getting jilted real hard... and reacting to it even harder.

When do you know when to stop? I mean, even if someone saw the opening, which explains the trigger but not the cause of the resultant behavior... a good number of them would likely be disgusted, even horrified. The intentions were toward a joke, as though this stuff was nothing but a reflection on how people blow these things out of proportion. As things get blown out of proportion, the gore piles up but the laughs do not pile on. Sadly, the excessive, pointless brutality fails to get the humored reaction that it desires. It gets a bunch of blank stares instead.

Tack that on with the sensation of wasted effort. Claymation is virtually a classic animation approach without tween symbols or anything that Flash provides. Though crude in its cartoon aesthetic, the gore effects and character animation for four different figures took quite some time to complete. On top of that, Newgrounds' size restriction forces this one to be featured on YouTube for high definition (like it would get any prettier?). In short, this claymation had lots of effort pooled into it, just so people could gawk and shake their heads at it.

It's no wonder that its technical wonders and content got it Front Page status. Newgrounds tends to favor those who try to make a joke out of gore, like Assassin or Pico, All Fads Die or Madness. It's all the same to this crowd. Still, if you want a better representation of "TheSJProduction's" claymation ability, there are plenty of examples in his author profile and flash catalog than "Heart Broke".

TheSJproduction responds:

What? I have no idea what you just said, lol. The claymation HAS NO MEANING, its just simple and right to the point "broken heart". Art is art, the whole thing is made out of clay, and some hummingbird feeder for the blood. I made this because i'm showing how a person over reacts to heart break, and pretty much making fun of this pathetic planet i live in. idk if this answers your questions, i can't understand what you are saying. Can someone emphasize this for my human knowledge? lol
- thanks i guess-


Woahhh..Did not expect the gore...damn.
But good job on the effort!!