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Reviews for "Flanders Killer 4"


Great remake, love the new levels.
The cursor kind of drifts away when you shoot too many times
Other than that, great game

Aprime responds:

Drifts away??? Really..? I don't see how lol :Z
Let's just call it recoil from the gun
ahaha :P

Thanks for the awesome score


Fun with flaws

Ok so here is the skinny the game itself was pretty fun and never playing the other ones this was my first time killing the flanders so I enjoyed it. Also I love the music on the game taking songs from the show from over the years great job. That was fun I probably seen most of those episodes over the years.

Anyway the stuff that needs tweaking. The gun there where time where I would press the mouse button the gun made no noise or any indication that I had fired at all. Which made the last boss very hard if not almost impossible. Also there where times where I was shooting the flanders and I would be dead on but it said I missed.

Also I was kind of hoping that when you had the kill everyone level that you unlock after you beat the game would have been more like the game levels on a rail instead of just shooting stationary ones. That was kind of boring.

That is reason your getting a 7 instead of eight or a nine is for all the bugs in the game. Yet this game if you fixed some of these things would be a worthy play for any fan of the show. Good Job!!! Hope you keep making games.

Aprime responds:

Para 1: Thank you, t'was the intention :) Hope you didn't kill homers family ;)

Para 2: The gun doesn't make a noise if you miss. I don't know if you know about creating flash and movie clips/buttons... but the gun only makes the noise once the button plays the movie clip. If it's not making a noise, you did really miss... regardless of what you believe. That's how it's programmed.

I've tried the gun making a noise where ever you click, even if you miss.. And it isn't actually that difficult. But the noise would then get annoying and some would believe they hit something, when they haven't. So the opposite effect would occur.

Para 3: The main attraction of unlocking was the music mode, which received very good feedback. Everyone is still on that page, so you get to appreciated the time gone into each persons aesthetical death. The game levels would be a nice unlock yes.... but you've already got the password to those levels, which is better, no?

Para 4: Those weren't bugs, you can't get bugs with basic "On press" scripts, of course there were far more complicated scripts, such as the one which knows all Flanders have been killed. But the bugs you were talking about, don't actually exist.

I hope you read over this and realise you were actually missing Devil Flanders and it wasn't the case of the gun not working. And also that you could still play levels after you completed them by using their passwords.

And thanks, I shall keep making games


Good game, but...

Its good, but it seems that every Flanders Killer game is the same with a few differences. Can't you make something new or at least don't use the same levels as the other games?

Aprime responds:

Ello there!
I'm surprised everyone remembers these Flanders games!
Wow :)
If I was to not reuse levels, I would have to spend a much longer time on them.
After all, people are there to be entertained, regardless of new levels. I'm pretty sure I'd get exactly the same result, maybe a tiny bit higher.. if I recreated all the characters.
Next time I'll change more....... just for you ;)



I hate the stupid flanders

Aprime responds:

Haha, bet you enjoyed killing the devil one then :P

Glad you enjoyed it

Pretty Good

The game was pretty fun, I really don't have any complaints about it except it did get a little repetitive at points until i got to thelast level :D Great work 4/5 8/10

Aprime responds:

Haha, and the bonus level wasn't repetitive ;)
Thanks for the score :)