Reviews for "Psychosomnium"

no, no, jack-mack-black...

you must remember, alice is dead. o3o

Explanation for everything...

How come that everybody
is saying: "this game make no sense, at all"
when right from the start
the butterfly say your are in "dreamworld"
Have you guys never had a dream in your life?
Watch Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" to
see what i'm talking about.

This game mechanic is basically
a shifting character game!
there is no loop and the bee part
sure is kind of hard, but not impossible!

For those who didn't get some
of the game mechanics
try play to this games, i sure it will help:
" Enough Plumbers NG "
" When Pigs Fly "

Top-rank Cactus game

Remember guys, this is all set in a dream. Normal logic doesn't work here. The puzzles are quite...unusual, the graphics are adorably blocky, and the story is delightfully odd. Who knew it was possible to die in a dream?
However, the bee part DOES ratchet up the difficulty a bit too much, but I don't mind the difficulty (Mighty Jill-Off, Cave Story, and Super Meat Boy are extremely testing for anyone), and once you get past the spikes, the worst is over.
I gave it an 8 of 10 because 1-I personally thought it a little short, and 2-of course,
the bee level.
I've finished it about three times already, so if anyone gets stuck, PM me. Believe me, you can finish it.
By the way, for the people out there, Mirosurabu didn't MAKE this. He PORTED this. He said so himself. If you want to complain, tell Cactus.


a little hard but once you figure out what the fuck to do then you can blaze through the game easily

See, here's where you went wrong

I thoroughly enjoyed that, it was cute, stylish, funny, and well put together

But then you made me a bee
And then you put that bee in a tunnel of spikes
And you gave the bee the most annoying controls for a character that you need to maneuver around tight spaces

You just don't do that shit bro

Minus 6 points for the bee