Reviews for "Psychosomnium"

The music is AMAZING. It made me feel so peaceful and happy. Love this game.

Fantastic yet not quite enough...

Loved most every aspect of it. The oddness of the whole thing was lovely.
However, I preferred the first version, before the walk-back puzzle's walls were heightened. It made me think. Just because part of the public can't solve it first try doesn't mean you should lower the bar.

Another nitpick I have it that it feels incomplete... Perhaps that's just part of its charm, but I feel there may be some ideas that were left out of this piece of art for some arbitrary reason.

The ending is pure genius.
I liked it muchly.


I really, really liked this game. The bee part really annoyed me, then the gunman part was really easy, then the magician part was hilarious! I think it was well thought-out and funny. It kind of balanced itself out in the end.


It's actually pretty brilliant. The beauty of it is the lack of logic and having to think much outside the box in order to make sense of it. Controlling the bee became a challenge, and is probably the hardest thing in the game. The game could stand to be a little longer, but its length sort of adds to its charm. Overall, it's a cute, ludicrous little game that's worth giving a shot.


nee part was very annoying and hard b%u0131t i loved all the parts