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Reviews for "The Many Kirbys Collab"


The graphics were simple, but the animation was extremely smooth and well-done, and the humor was much better than a lot of other collabs I've seen. Pretty much perfect, except the voice quality was low at some parts, and the graphics were a little -too- simple sometimes. But for the most part I loved it!

FlashfireEX responds:

Thanks. :)

wow awesome

ive been waiting for this collab for a while
but sweet interactive menu


I liked them all, and the Ninja one was EPIC! plus, the cook and Freeze ones for funneh as HELL!

Pure epicness

i love it the graphics werent too bad, the animation was great, and the shorts were hilarious. My favorite was the ninja. anyway keep up the good work. :3

The guy below me always writes in spanish

so i cant translate it :(