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Reviews for "The Many Kirbys Collab"


Ninja Kirby was cool and epic whats the name of the song?

FlashfireEX responds:

It's from the audio portal. It's credited at the side.

Alright but...

Drill had the closest to the cartoon Kirby. Anyone watch that show? It's CREEPY. Like when the evil snowman goes good then dies and it shows him melting smaller until only his bell is left sinking into oblivion. And the one ending with him killing an eel. Which he cuts into sushi. Then they all eat it. I love my gore cartoons but this is like seeing a Pikachu eat a still-living Ekans tail first. Kirby will mess you up. Then eat you.

Did like Sword's happy face though... Still, a length limit may have helped, with a starter screen to show off some of the neat expressions (which was all some of them had going for them). Generally quite nice, just some were a tad long!

...Ha, Freeze had a penis-face at the table.


Ice Kirby was funny.

Awesome job dudes! :D

Wow didn't expect this to get front paged! And get a Daily 4th Place! I lol'd a lot watching everyones entry. Like for instance the Ice Kirbie and the Sword Kirbie one's. The rest was good too, but those are my faves... and the other Ice Kirbie was funny too. Wait why are there 2 Ice ones? nvm... All in all, the whole collab is a pretty good success, considering most of the people left for some reason...

Anyway, I loved joining this collab and making my part in it (Ninja Kirbie) and I hope to join other collabs that one of you guys will start in the future. 10/10! :D

FlashfireEX responds:

Freeze and ice are different.

Should've stayed with you.

Seeing this makes me feel so damn stupid for leaving the collab. It looks amazing. I don't think you guys know, but everyday I checked out the topic in the Collaboration Forum to see how the progress was going. I never left a post, sadly. This really deserves more than the Daily 4th, as this one is probably better than The Kirby Collab. It's going to my favorites for sure.

And thanks for putting me in the credits anyway, I appreciate it. :)

FlashfireEX responds:

That'll learn ya.