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Reviews for "The Many Kirbys Collab"

I actually didn't think this was good

There are so few redeeming quality's in this collab, the second I feel that the art and animation actually looks passable for mediocre, it's swamped down with dated references and tired awkward jokes with stupid facial expressions. The writing and voice acting were abominable, some of them so bad (Psychofig's segment) the only words I could use to describe it would have this review flagged as abusive. The last skit had me thinking you might have saved something decent for last, but that feeling was short lived as it progressed into the cringingly tasteless poison you made sure to make present in every skit

I suppose this is probably seen as a success to the autistic underbelly of the flash community, so I should congratulate you on at least mustering up to courage to message Tom, begging him to front page this out of pity and guilt for the shameful amount of time it took to make this piece of shit.

On the bright side, looking past your dated sense of humor and the embarrassing amount of time it took for you to put this collab together, I do see allot of effort put forth into both the animation and compilation (I mean hey, at least the flash plays and the skits are somewhat coherent), as well as potential seen in several of artists that participated in this, more surprisingly flashfire, given his age I wouldn't expect someone to be at that level of smug ignorance.

FlashfireEX responds:

The point where you said autism is where you pretty much blew your cover on the "constructive criticism" and blatantly told me that you're trying to be a massive dick. I'm sure you already know that I did in no way ask Tom to front page this. The next time you're making hate reviews, make it less obvious and you might achieve that sick amount of satisfaction you get from bringing people down.

Saved The best for last

Was a pretty good collab all round the last one was the best i say.


Dammed i want free water too! D:

FlashfireEX responds:

Free water doesn't exist.

Awesome sauce

metyal song with kirby

and the last one was beyond awesome Xp



Awesome Callob i enjoy the kirby awesomeness