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Reviews for "The Many Kirbys Collab"

:D awsome ninja kirby collab

get 100 kils streak 99X 100??? who isn that awsome^^ a ten

guys who review and Samuel

this may sound nerdy but ill say wheres the easter eggs tell me!!!!
To Samuel: hey man Very Awesome Vid i like playing Kirby alot
Fav.Parts: Ninja, Ice, Sword,and Cook
the Cook is like a real cooking show but too much mature well ill say 10/10 5/5!!!

good...but bad

I liked it...kinda, the animation was a little under the way and a little stiff...and sometimes, the audio record was kinda bad so it kinda kills the movie you know.Sometimes it was...not loud enough and sometimes other sounds came from nowhere. They were funny and make me laff...but some of them were medium...hope it was a helpfull review.

wait a sec...

how does such a little guy have so many srtars????

Well done

The sound quality was a bit screechy at times, but other than that this colab was well put together, look forward to more.