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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"


Wow it felt like the game was on drugs and was annoying to focus on the actual game play if you took out the random flashing and moving crap it would be a decent game.


It was pretty OK. It's a really funny game, but it had plenty of faults. The last health loss isn't counted in the health bar, the unicorn can't move diagonally, the RAGE pickups randomly aren't picked up, the unicorn's boundaries are sloppy (He takes damage from stuff that actually haven't touched him).
Other than that, it's entertaining. Maybe some fixes would make it much more enjoyable.

Not bad

Good original shooter. To much flashing though. It distracted from the game. Also the health has a little man. I didn't think it was health at first so I would change it to something different. Still a good game over all though. Liked all the colors. But now I have a headache, but still a fun game.

I died with health remaining.

Only real complaint is that it showed that I had health left whenever I died. Other than that it's an okay game.


The unicorn is too big to dodge; bullets pass through parts of the unicorn, but I don't know how big the actual hitbox is because there's no way to find out but from just getting shot all the damn time.

That's kind of a big error for a shootemup.