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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

not good

why was this on the front page? The concept was pretty fun, but the game was repetitive, difficult, and the pickup problem that others have mentioned persisted. No effort was put into the actual art, though the effects were pulled off fairly well. Keep trying, and be nice to all the people whose games didn't get front paged and who still support you.

I'm pretty sure I had a seizer

The game was a lot of fun! The one thing that I didn't like was when I would walk straight through a power up and not get it... that happened on multiple occasions. Fix that, and keep making good games please! : )

Not to shabby

I like angry unicorns. Nice game...the bugs that were mentioned I experienced also.


this i what i like, killing humans whit a black unicorn XD, but my eyes have start to bleed XD XD

Beautiful game

Screw all the problems in the world. I'm glad this beautiful creature got its redemption. Well done.