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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

Goin with tweaked

This one was awesome!! Really hard and the flashing made me throw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was ok

it hurt my eyes to even look at the screen while playing this game

You guys are crazy.

Just because a game's not flashy, and makes absolutely no sense, doesn't mean it's not good. A fun game is a fun game, just play it and stop bitching if you don't like it..

Nice concept, poor execution

-Liked the retro style. Can't go wrong the pixels.
-The explosions were pretty fluent and well animated, and I dig most of the effects.
-I honestly didn't mind the over-the-top flashes. I mean, we are dealing with Unicorns.

-Too slow. The game's style and excessive effects should have been met with a faster pace.
-Boring. This game gets old very quickly. No diversity in enemies or scenery, really.

And lastly...
IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID ENEMY BULLETS. This is the game's biggest flaw, and one that you must have forced yourself to overlook.
Seriously, the inability to dodge bullets made me stop playing after 3 minutes.

C'mon, man.

my brain hurts

yes, i was warned about the flashing... but really, this was WAY over the top. the stark white background made it hard to see the incoming shots, the hard time to pick up the (very limited) power-ups was challenging enough. as listed the bugs before, so i am not going to keep repeating those. good effort, but the effort was really misplaced.