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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"


Its good, but too easy. i stood in the bottom left corner of the screen, holding the space bar and i made it to level 2-2


awesome game ^^

not bad

i enjoyed it i only had one problem and thats when i would reach the upgrades sometimes it would not recognive that i touched them and would not give it to me, it's a big problem in this type of game needless to say but i'm sure you'll fix that aside from that it's fun

not a game i would use hours on.

this game could entertain me in 30 seconds xD the graphic is really umm something, and the gameplay is not in the top 3. But it should have 4 stars for entertaining me in 30 seconds ;).


Music was fun, and the over all gameplay was good, don't know if there's more variety in enemies, didn't make it past 1-3. Seriously though, way to flashy for repeated plays.