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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

can you say Unicorn attack form adult swim?

I'll give you one star for taking a decent game and adding a firing button to it, but other than that it could use a LOT of cleaning up, the flashes are annoying even when you dont have a medical condition, and the upgrades should not disapear when your not firing, seems kinda redundant when your upgrades disapperate simply from walking.

Other than that it seemed like a cheap imitation of a dozen other games that were all done with better graphics and better controls.


That was freaking awesome. The pixelated style gave it an old-school look and the flashing lights were fun. (although the overall flashiness may be bad for those with epilepsy!)


too flashy game
.. hurts my eye.. :(

not bad but has flaws

interesting game...like atari on crack but somewhat repetitive....and the flashes of right color are a bit much at times when the gameplay picks up, even if you arent epileptic it is annoying to have bright flashing annoyance every half second


yeah... the anger bar shouldn't go down when you aren't firing first off. secondly needs some kind of health regen. two stars on account that the above two things and that the upgrades are not very useful as it drops so fast