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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

Fun for about 3 minutes

As stated before, this is just like an adult swim game. Fun for a few minutes and then it's time to do something better..

I'm not some super-critical asshole or anything, but really meh, it was cool for the first stage...

Hit box for powerups...

is broken. They would spawn near the bottom of the screen and I couldn't pick them up no matter how i ran over them. As long as they were a certain distance from the bottom I could get them. The hit box is somewhere in the center of your sprite and really should be the whole sprite.


If any thing it's adult swim worthy.


Annn ...

Ok ..

The game is a bit cool ..

More weird thought ...

I do not know what it is but for those who have eye problems or recommend ...

Sweet Revenge!

A good way to spend some time.
The bright colors and moderately fast game play is addicting.
Would of liked to see some savage bosses.