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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"


you werent kidding about the rapid flashing, i took off a star because people might go into epileptic shock that aren't diagnosed with epilepsy. but, it would be their own fault, all and all, really excellent game!

eye injucieing pain!

on level 2 stage 2 my screen when black and i could not see anything but i could still play...o_O

Rad Game man

Totally dig the flashing colors and stuff. Pretty sure you gave everyone a seizure but hey, that's what the warning at the beginning is for right?

Optical illusion

Man, it's not a bad game but you make it shakes and sparklings everytime something's got destroyed. It hurts players' eyes badly.

Its like lsd on acid on mushrooms

And thats really the most fun thing about it. try improving the graphics.