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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

too much shaking and color

it make a head ache, the sound too,it pretty much like punishment game :( (sr for hash words)

eh 4ish? 2-1 vote

relatively easy you can mostly just hold shoot and go up and down to kill everything, i might not be rating but by level 2 I was bored, the graphics aren't great maybe lose one star for that the flashing was annoying, i'm not sure how this got front page but then again i wonder about some of the games they get on front page these days, overall it seems like you just put this together as a test or just to tell one of your friends here I made game, story was interesting enough but nto enough for me to keep playing

Meh, not bad.

I thought your game was allright. The grpahics were really kinda cruddy, I mean even with pixels, they could have been better. I liked the story-line but I didn't really like the gameplay. Level 1 was really hard, and the game itself is really tough to beat. I think in the beginning the difficulty should be a bit lower. The colors and effects were cool. The powerups helped with the game, but there weren't nearly enough.

P.S. To the person below me, the title screen says

"WARNING: This game contains rapidly flashing colors and images. Play at your own risk."

so there should be no reason to give it a low score due to the colors. There is a warning, and so if a person plays this and gets a seizure it is their fault, not the programmers fault.

I got a headache

Seriously, my eyes hurt so bad after about 10 seconds. This could cause a seizure. The graffix are bad even for a pixle game. The story was interesting, but you gotta fix the effects. You could hurt someone.

Rave much

If the flashing was in color, I'd say it was a rave. Down below comment to ShadowMaster, the game is probably used for diagnosing people with epilepsy =P