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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

Cool Concept.

It's like an old classic Atari game. Fun at first, then gets boring quick.


Is your worse enemy an epileptic?
Because if this game was made to kill someone, i think you're pretty damn on the right way... I think i'm having a seizure.


If you managed to get some variation in the game, it might just get interesting. try again

well it's ok

it was fun in the beginning, but got boring very quickly. It's virtually impossible to dodge bullets when you have like 5 guys in a row in front of you, the flashing lights don't really help. The rage upgrade was kind of cool, but not cool because they didn't last very long. And the fact that the flame thrower guys can 1 shot you is stupid. It could have been more fun had it not been for the lights and explosions and blurriness completely obscuring vision and preventing you from actually avoiding any sort of damage.

Good but boring

gets boring quick