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Reviews for "Death Unicorn of Death"

hold space bar and press up & down 1 hour

cheat for winning in title.

learned alot about unicorns and only had 2 seizures 10/10


Your "Hit Detection" space seems to be random, half the pickups didnt pickup, and to top it off, roadblocks harm you even if your no where near them... ditch the epilepsy inducing graphics on every kill, and fix the collision detection

I don't know how.....

But there were way too many flashy colours. It was hard to avoid projectiles when the screen flashed, it was really disorienting. I was thinking, okay, flashy images, try not to play for more than 10, 20 minutes, but the game was like... TRYING... to induce a siezure.

Seizure inducing flashing aside, it was fun, until i got nauseous, and I'd like to point out that the game doesn't always register you running over the power ups.

Good try...

...but lacking in challenge and visual interest. Other than lots of flashing and rainbow bullets, there's not much to see.

Graphics issues aside, I'd suggest working on the level pacing. For the first few stages, enemy patterns were very predictable, IMHO, with too much time between waves. It got better around level 2-1.


i've read the other commenta dn though jeeeez they need to lighten up! lol its a pun!! they not need to be so judgmental it just a mindless game with flashy colors!! i loved it