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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Fun and Addicting

Got me playing for a few hours and i made a succesful strategy, put a few demons at the beggining then a few plants at the end (first floor), i used this for easy/normal on all 4 castles usually only 2 (usually hikers) actually got off the first floor so i just had to reinforce the other floors incase, Plants are overpowered :3

Got plants?

im running throught this game soo fast attacking from a distance

The challenge sucks you in!

I just couldn't help retrying until all my lives were safe and to see my little monsters grow kept me addicted.

cooooooooooooolll game!

i like 8-bit or 16-bit games and you made it better!! make more games pls. !!!!!!!

I just cleared the fourth castle in Extreme. Awesome game, man. Keep up the good work :D

Some suggestions:

- Many towers are useless until they level up. The problem is, they can't level up if they don't kill enemies. Because of that you can't build many towers behind your current defense line, because they'll never get enough XP to be useful. That kills many possible strategies. Because of that I think you should be able to buy a level with skulls, maybe for 1000 or 1500.

- The mud golem is too expensive and too hard to level up. When you have enough skulls to buy it, you already used all your spaces with cheaper towers.

- The dragon has no clear use. It begins as a very, VERY expensive skeleton, and then it's a very crappy demon with some damage. I think it should be a tower with a large AoE effect, twice as large as the skeleton's, or maybe more.