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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Fun and Addicting

Got me playing for a few hours and i made a succesful strategy, put a few demons at the beggining then a few plants at the end (first floor), i used this for easy/normal on all 4 castles usually only 2 (usually hikers) actually got off the first floor so i just had to reinforce the other floors incase, Plants are overpowered :3

Not Bad At ALL!!!!!!

This Game is quite a nice game, i am giving it full stars but i do have some complaints

-The Mouse Is Too Slow
-No Zoom Feature
-Upon Losing You Will Swear A LOT!!!!
-Not Everything can evolve 3 times.

Good Points
-The Game Is Beautiful
-The Difficulties are actually difficult and challenging

Overall the Game is a Solid 10/10, Well Done and Good Luck for the Future :)


i wanted to see all the evoloutions so bad but you should defentally make more sprites and levels great game. :)

yay for corpses!

Just beat hard mode castle one after stacking 10 corpses at level 2 giving 60 bonus skulls a kill. I get like 2000 skulls a round. xD

The challenge sucks you in!

I just couldn't help retrying until all my lives were safe and to see my little monsters grow kept me addicted.