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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


every time i get 200 bones or more i cant do anything until i cast tornado


good game, but way to many tiny flaws. namely, the effen lag dude. I checked my settings and everything. It gets to laggy to know what's going on, next thing I know it's game over. And I don't care if people write this as unhelpful because I gave an honest opinion. I read through some reviews, I'm not the only one with lag issues on only this game.


Good idea, seems fun. It auto-spends my money though, making it impossible to withstand anything past the first few waves.


This game is way too glitched. Whenever I try to "Upgrade" one of my monsters, I "sell" it automatically. And whenever I get 400 bones, It selects Thunder spell and I can't ex out of it. Then when I use it, It drains almost all of my Bones! This game could be way better if you fixed it!