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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


A good game and it's realy addicting.
The only real negative thing I have to say about it is that the mose in the game is realy laggy, but it might just be my computer. I could also use a bit more veriaty with the "towers" and their uppgrades.

Pretty good :)

Kept me entertained for a while. What I highly disliked was it didn't matter how well you beat a level as long as you can beat it and move on.

Maybe include points or bonuses if you do well on certain levels and have an overall upgrade menu or stuff like that. Or maybe beating a certain level on hard will give you some sorta trophy that lets you start each round with 100 extra gold?

You get the idea :P

Liked it alot!

I thought overall the game was really fun. Some suggestions would be to get money for the time you dont use and also a way to speed up time because sometimes it was really boring waiting for the people to get there


It's a realy good game defend tower ^^

Nice but...

This is very good game, I must say. Many things are done great.
-graphics : great pixart. Really. It fits here nicely, too.
-gameplay : towers are varied, and nicely balanced. Game is really fun to play.
-interface : hotkeys are easy to learn, and controls are friendly.
It would *normally* deserve 10/10 for sure. Yet...
...It has issues. Serious ones. Like:
-interface : minor glitches, occuring rarely
-gameplay : ...difficulty curve. Only really difficult waves are usually first then, you can survive later ones with nearly no attention.
That is, game after some time gets *boring*. Really.
Also, if you manage to learn some proper tactics, you are able to get *enormous* amounts of bones, allowing you to raze nearly every single wave of attackers with only your spells, and this isn't as costly as it may seem. (I *never* finished a game with less than 1500 stacked bones in my "account").
Simply, humans are too weak, the only ones being actual threat - kamikaze, mages and warriors - are just too easily obliterated by two level 3 plants and some spells of yours.
I'd like to note that I'm not great fan of Tower Defense games, so I'm not some pro-uber-master of these, yet I easily won even Extreme level plays.
I'd give the game 5 and 10, but because of aforementioned flaws - 4 and 8.
(game is still really cool and enjoyable, after all)