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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Very well done

Seems to have a few minor speed issues but besides that kicks butt

Awesome, but could use more of a challenge

Really jawesome game, but once I found this strategy it became too easy..

*if your having trouble here's a sure-fire way to win on all difficulties*

-Start off with slime and skull right next to each other at the bottom of the map
-Then build some plants on the next lvl
-Replace skeleton with dragon
-Fill all other spots with Hives (Except 4 spaces for Corpse's)

Then you've won! I've done this on normal, hard and extreme and win without losing even once.

Though a question for the creator, I NEVER have been able to lvl up a corpse to lvl 3! It takes waay too long, the closest I've gotten in bout 3/4ths the way, though I've only completed 1 of the extreme lvls so far...

Anyway pretty cool once you figure out what to do.

Very Enjoyable.

Concept: Cool, and original, playing as bad guys, nice characters. 9/10
Gameplay: Fun! I like that you can upgrade towers, they have multiple uses, relaxing 10/10
Story: Not really much of one but it doesn't really call for one, so 5/10
Art: WONDAFUL!!! I love how it's pixely, but still very cool, and it gets better as they upgrade 10/10
Animation: The way you animated the pixelated characters was amazing, being a pixel artist myself who sucks at animating, it blew me away. 10/10

OVERALL: 44/50 X 2= 88/100

really cool, but it really needs a bigger screen and a detail popup for the spells. I had no clue xD.

Really original and unique ideas here, I really loved it, I'd give it 5/5 of five if there were some upgrade system, IMO its the only thing missing.