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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


Very good, very good ..

Great game great graphics.


5 / 5


Really fun and challenging! awesome! :)

pretty good

it´s the perfect way to wait till the portal 2 countdown

Not Bad At ALL!!!!!!

This Game is quite a nice game, i am giving it full stars but i do have some complaints

-The Mouse Is Too Slow
-No Zoom Feature
-Upon Losing You Will Swear A LOT!!!!
-Not Everything can evolve 3 times.

Good Points
-The Game Is Beautiful
-The Difficulties are actually difficult and challenging

Overall the Game is a Solid 10/10, Well Done and Good Luck for the Future :)

love this game

a bit challenging, gets harder on more advanced levels,i like the graphics too.
ideal to play when you have nothing to do too ^^ , its one ofthe tower defense games i love more.

a second part will be awesome to see, with more towers, more upgrades, and more looks for the characters when you upgrade them, maybe the skeletons can have some horns and better looking swords at advanced levels, things like that :3
also, increasing the damage of the "corpes" will be very usefull.