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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


Was really refreshing to find a well balanced, and at times challenging defense.
I love both the concept and the execution of this rather unique defense: it plays smoothly throughout and the models are all well done.

I have completed Castle 1 through extreme mode and look forward to playing through the other three. I found myself never worrying about the time between levels, in fact I was always tapping the next round button when possible.

I find the Corpe are interesting because they don't do damage so are only useful once a solid defense has been set and then they can be set in open spots to earn extra skulls for upgrades. My final defense did not include Demons, Hives, or Mudmen.

Great combo: Slime - Skeleton - Dragon - Slime - Plant (5)
Key is to not upgrade the plants past 2nd form and make sure you keep upgrading those attacks! At least for Castle 1.

Keep it up, I highly recommend this game to all who like defenses!


great game, but instructions can be a little ambiguous. and to let you guys know: the corpse does not kill enemies, BUT whenever one is killed by any other monster, you gain additional bones. this is what the RSE stands for. so if it says RSE 3, it means every additional kill grants you 3 extra bones.

this game is awesome

is really adicting i played it for hours and hours and never get tired of it


Good idea, seems fun. It auto-spends my money though, making it impossible to withstand anything past the first few waves.

It's addictive

I love the gameplay, graphis are really cool, and te ambience keeps me into it...