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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

The dragon is bugged

It doesnt evolve to level 3. Whenever i press evolve, the star disapear and nothing new happens.

Otherwise, fun little game. Dragon is quite strong. ENnemies gets stronger without warning nor way for us to know (but by seeing unit X suddently survive 10x as much damage than the last wave)


Wonderful game for wasting a good 30 minutes. Wouldn't mind seeing a number 2 with more levels. It would also be cool if the dragons changed on more than one level up, but thats just me.

Very Nice Game

That's one of the best tower games i've ever seen. Good job.
Art and gameplay are fine, even if i found the game a little bit too easy.

pretty good

it´s the perfect way to wait till the portal 2 countdown

I enjoyed it

I have a few critiques, on gameplay structure though. The leveling system is extremely flawed. While most tower defense games go for a "upgrade for a certain amount" system, this game went for a "for every hit/time this tower is used, it gains XP" system.

Now the flaw of this system is that different towers are on the same system, so while the Dragon may level up in a few waves, it literally takes four or five times the amount of waves to level up a Hive. And the only reason why is that a Hive is a single hit tower, and the Dragon can hit multiple enemies at once, making it a much faster XP gaining tower.

Another example of this flaw is the Mudman tower. The Mudman starts as a single hitting tower, and grows at level 2 into a mass lane attack tower. The progression to level 2 is a long one, and can take several waves to achieve. However after level 2, the leveling becomes much quicker, pretty much the opposite of what you want to do.

A system of XP currency would have probably been better, so you can choose the towers in the back of the line to be upgraded in case something bad happens, or for hikers.

However, after I realized that the combo of slime + dragon + mudman + mudman + plant on a higher lane, with hives filling out the rest of the lanes and nothing but level 1 skeletons on the first level (to take the brunt of the warriors and bombers) was basically a win button, I beat the entire game on extreme mode.

Overall I would love to see a way to customize leveling, including leveling spells and a variety of spells to pick to take into battle.

Very much hoping for a sequel.